Radio Opportunities

Tune in or log on to Beach Bums excitement! Great Beach Bums sponsorships are available on the radio. Advertising aired during radio and internet broadcasts of Beach Bums games will reach listeners throughout Northern Michigan and around the country.

While listening to music on the radio 80% of people change the station when advertisements come on while during a sporting event 80%+ people stay tuned in during ads so they don't miss out on the action!


With our massive coverage area, you will get true "beach reach" in Northern Michigan and will be able to talk to people from Petoskey to Big Rapids and from Mainstee to Houghton Lake.


With Beach Bums radio advertising, you can change your ad as often as a weekly basis in order to spotlight different promotions that your business may be running at any given time. We just need the new ad 24 hours in advance if the team is at home or 72 hours if the team is on the road. Ads can either be on a CD or can be emailed to us, (more often than not, a weekly change can be worked out as well).

One: 30 second commercial
$1,500 $15.62/spot
Two: 30 second commercials
$2,500 $13.02/spot
Three: 30 second commercials
$3,000 $10.42/spot

Pre-Game Show

Begins 15 minutes before game time and includes three :30 radio ads during the game. Takes a look at the upcoming contest, look back at yesterday and standings in the league.

Post-Game Show

The 15 minutes following the completion of the game. Includes game recaps, highlights and look toward tomorrow. Also, include two :30 radio ads.

Starting Lineups

Today's starting lineups are brought to you by ______. Followed by a tag line for your company.

Home Run Payoff Inning

Fans can register to be the contestant for the home run payoff inning. One inning during the game is selected as the designated inning. If a Beach Bum player hits a home run during the inning, the selected fan wins $50. If the HR happens to be a grand slam then the fan wins $250.


Fans have the chance to answer a trivia question and win a great prize courtesy of your company.

Call to the Bullpen

Can happen numerous times during the game. Any pitching change throughout the game is brought to you by your company.


Sponsor the nightly attendance which is announced in the 8th inning of each game.

Scoreboard Updates

Twice a game the radio announcer will do an out of town scoreboard updating, highlighting action around the Frontier League.

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