In Game Promotions

The following sponsorship opportunities are available:

Umpire Sponsorship-- 

During pregame announcements, the umpires for the evenings contest are announced. Be the sponsor for the umpires and portray a funny message that fans will remember. Example: "Tonight's umpires are brought to you by Cedar Run Eye Center behind home plate is Ron Nordquist and on the bases is Bruce Doane. Having trouble keeping your eye on the ball, call Cedar Run Eye Center."

National Anthem Sponsorship--

Your company can sponsor the singing of the national anthem. Prior to the first pitch fans stand at attention for the national anthem. This is a captive audience and a great way to display your message.

Call To The Bullpen--

Can happen several times during the game. Whether it be a pitching change for the Beach Bums or the visiting team, your message will be read and displayed on the video board. Creativity is the key for this message.

Foul Ball Announcement--

Foul balls fly out of Wuerfel Park. Your company can be one of two sponsors for foul balls. Each game your company will be a sponsor for three foul balls per game.

Starting Lineups--

Sponsor the starting lineups for each game. Your company logo will be displayed on the video board, along with a PA Announcement prior to the starting lineups.

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