Ballpark Signage


Each and every night, thousands of fans catch your message with every crack of the bat! The most popular and time honored method of ballpark sponsorship enables you to display your companies brand to a captive audience for three hours each night. With nearly 200,000 fans per year, you will be paying around 2.5 cents per person to see your sign.


The perimeter banner allows more flexibility than the homerun fence banner by providing a larger image area for more information. It also makes the banner more visible and will catch the attention of fans throughout the park. With only four locations available, these are prime spots.


The sidewall and bullpen banners are in the background of all the action taking place on the field. Constantly in the background of photographs which could be used in print advertising.

Concourse Signage

Fans enjoy the large concourse that Wuerfel Park features. Along the concourse are great opportunities to sponsor one of our many boards. They are a great way to display your company in front of fans. Options include; Attendance board, starting lineups,Frontier League Standings board and Strike Out Cancer board.

Foul Pole Banners

The foul pole banners provide a unique opportunity to place your company on the only two foul poles in the park. Standing 20 feet in the air, they can't be missed.

Parking Lot Banners

The first glimpse that fans get of Wuerfel Park is the parking lot. Remembering where they parked is important. Putting your company on the banners in the parking lot is a great way for fans to correlate your business with their parking spot. The parking lot includes 14 poles with two banners on each pole.

Party Patio Sponsorship

Your company logo will appear on the patio building as well as signage on the surrounding fence of the party patio. The space features (25) four person private tables and are a great option for large groups, businesses and club outings.

Suite Level Sponshorship

Put your company in front of other companies and top execs. Sponsorship features three banners in the suite level as well as your name on each and every door leading into the individual suites. This also gives you the ability to market to guests.

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