Wuerfel Park -- The Traverse City Beach Bums are currently looking to build their Host Family program and are looking for host families willing to provide a room for a Beach Bum player or one of the college students completing their internships with us.  

Our current host families are fantastic but we are always interested in hearing from potential new families for the 2018 season. The host family program is a vital part of every minor league team, and we at the Beach Bums believe the quality of people who live in the Grand Traverse area sets our host family program apart from the rest of the league.  

Players are expected to be in camp, ready for spring training on April 29th, 2018.  

We have a small house. Will this be a problem? No. Our only requirement is that the Player have his own room (must be a legal bedroom) with a door that closes for privacy.

Although host families are not financially compensated, their participation will be a big part of the players' success with the Traverse City Beach Bums. However, there are perks for taking on that responsibility. Mainly, you will become a member of the Traverse City Beach Bums team and family. Some of other benefits include season tickets for household members and a year end picnic on the Party Patio.

  • The most desirable host families are those that will take full advantage of their season tickets
  • Light sleepers be warned - interns will be leaving early in the morning and return late at night
  • Keep in mind these will be grown men between the ages of 20-24.

Again, we want to stress our commitment to our host family program. We did not get in this business to be second best. Therefore, we will work to make our players, interns and our host families as compatible as possible to avoid potential problems, and that requires an application process. Before applying to our program, please carefully consider the information provided. Then, if you are willing to proceed, please contact Michael Ward at or call us at (231) 943-0100. 

Not sure about a player?  How about our clubhouse manager (the "clubby"), our radio broadcaster or an intern?  

Who are Interns?  Interns are single and between the ages of 20 and 24. They are students or graduate students who need to complete an internship as part of their college graduation requirements. The personal qualities we seek in an Intern are friendliness, openness, maturity, adaptability, motivation, and enthusiasm.

How long will an Intern stay with our family?  In most cases the Intern will stay with a host family for one school trimester (End of April through the end of August, etc.)

What will it cost?  Host Families provide free room and board to the Intern. Costs will include food, utilities, and minor incidental expenses.  Host Families are not expected to provide taxi service.

What should we expect of the Intern?

● Become a part of the family

● Help with simple household chores

● Do his/her own laundry

● Follow house rules

● Adjust to the host family’s schedule

● Participate in family activities, if invited

● Keep the host family informed of his/her plans

● Live with more than one family

● Take the initiative to spend time with the family

● Build a relationship with the host siblings

Thank you for your interest!