Host Family Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a host family for the Traverse City Beach Bums. We will need generous and willing families to open their homes to players, coaches, and other Beach Bums personnel. Our current host families are fantastic but we are always interested in hearing from potential new families for the 2018 season. The host family program is a vital part of every minor league team, and we at the Beach Bums believe the quality of people who live in the Grand Traverse area will set our host family program apart from the rest of the league.

There is some background information every potential host family needs to know before they sign up. We, as an organization, offer this information to you in order to ensure the best possible experience for our players and interns, as well as you and your family. Host families invite a player or intern into their home for the duration of spring training, regular season, and through the playoffs. Minor league ballplayers are paid on a seasonal basis, and unlike players in the Major Leagues they earn very little for their hard work and dedication. As a host family, it would be your responsibility to provide your Beach Bums with a stable, clean, and healthy environment. Additionally, because the players will be stretched financially to follow their dreams, host families with the ability, means, and thoughtfulness to provide meals to their players during home stands will be given first priority.

  • We will pair together players without cars to host families as close to Wuerfel Park as possible
  • With the possible exception of spring training, it is the team policy to place one player, only, per host family
  • At this time we are looking for host families willing to commit to the entire season (mid-May through early September)
  • Host families need to be within a reasonable drive radius to Wuerfel Park
  • The most desirable host families are those that will take full advantage of their season tickets
  • Light sleepers be warned - players will be leaving early in the morning and return very late at night
  • Keep in mind these will be grown men from the ages of 22-26

Host families are not financially compensated, but the chance to experience the day to day trials and tribulations of a minor league ballplayer is an opportunity few people will get to witness. Minor league players are rising stars, falling stars, shooting stars, and athletes with stars in their eyes. You, as a host family, will be a big part of their success in Traverse City and in their career as a baseball player. The better the 'home' environment, the better the player's performance.

Host families have a large responsibility, but there are perks for taking on that responsibility. Mainly, you will become a member of the Traverse City Beach Bums team and family. Some of other benefits include season tickets and a year end picnic on the Party Patio.

Again, we want to stress our commitment to our host family program. We did not get in this business to be second best. Therefore, we will make our players and our host families as compatible as possible to avoid potential problems, and that requires an application process. Before applying to our program, please carefully consider the information provided. Then, if you are willing to proceed, please contact Michael Ward at or call him at (231) 943-0100, ext 208. 

Thank you again for your interest!